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These people love Popple. Maybe you should too!

FrRoderickI was a huge fan of Popple because this is a great example, a prime example I would say for other Catholic artists. This is what Catholic music should sound like. This is what Cahtolic lyrics should be. … If you want to use Catholic music to touch people, not only people that are Catholic already, but if you want Catholic music to actually have a missionary function and touch people or amuse them or make them curious about the Catholic faith, then your music should be upbeat, it should be the best quality. It should be on par with other music out there.

And Popple finally answers my prayer for great Catholic music that is funny, that is intelligent, that is at one point even silly, and at other points extremely deep and nurishing and you want to play it over and over again.

I honestly can say that this is already (and I have only listened to these songs once), but this is already my all-time favorite Catholic CD. This is the best Catholic music in the world, period! There is no discussion about it. This is it.

-Fr. Roderick Vonhögen (Catholic Priest and Podcaster)
October 22, 2009 on “The Daily Breakfast” Episode 695

My name is Brian and I just got home from the camp that you played this week. First off I wanted to thank you for all you did for the kids this week. Having been a teen on several camps and this being my first as an adult chaperon I really saw how much your music moved the kids this past week. The main indacation I saw was how early the kids headed to program by the end of the week. Monday and Tuesday the gym didn’t start filling up until 5 minutes prior to program or so, by the end of the week kids were filing into the gym 15 minutes or more early! My favorite song you played was Contra by far. Thanks again for your time and all your hard work and dedication to the kids and the camp this past week.

Kyle and Dan…I had the opportunity of going to your concert at the NET Lifeline. We had 5 youth from our parish in Grafton, ND. The kids, and adults, including my wife and myself, had a blast. I was not feeling the best with a cold and no voice. But I still tried to sing along and suck in the spirit that was moving through the crowd…You definitely have a ministry to reach out to all…Keep up the great work.

We had our Fall / Winter retreat at Kickapoo this past weekend, and the theme was Discipleship & the year of St Paul. We were talking about conversion experiences, and one of the girls in my small group mentioned the retreat ya’ll did with us last fall (Giving Tree) was a major conversion experience for her.
Just a friendly reminder that your ministry is touching lives. :-)

My name’s Lindsy and you played at the Lumen Christi retreat today…I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed what you and Dan conveyed in your message. I thought that you put an important message into a simple explanation that could be grasped easily. I also enjoyed your story of the time you were in Honduras. I think that by selling most of your possessions and doing mission work like that for a year showed how committed to your faith you are. I just wanted to say thanks for basically doing what you do… I know for me at least, you helped me see what God is calling us to do.

My family and I were in attendance at your concert on Sunday at Christ The King and LOVED IT!
Our youngest son, who is 10, said he was thinking of “Calm Again” as he ran his first cross country meet on Monday afternoon and it really helped to finish the race. I thought that was awesome! You guys are great, thanks for all you do and I can’t wait until we see you in concert again.

I just came back from seeing you in Greensburg, PA! Your music was one of my favorite parts of the week. Your CD’s are wicked awesome, you guys are hilarious.

I first heard you guys at the bridge crossing for life in Newport, KY. I was absolutely blown away!! Lately I’ve been kind of struggling with my faith and hearing you combine nifty lyrics, sweet music ,and God was astonishing. It’s awesome to see people that care to spread joy to others. I also loved the fact that my entire family loved it. I’m 18 and I have 6 younger siblings. My brothers (ages 7, 6, 5, 3, 1) were dancing like crazy. The youngest was just born and will be brought up loving Popple as well. The older two were asking me to buy your c.d.s because they didn’t think my parents would. On the way home, my parents were asking me to borrow them. It’s a really good feeling when a family as large as ours can agree on what to listen to in the car. Thanks so much!!

Just wanted to say thanks for the great concert Sunday night at St. Bernard’s in scenic Bridgewater, NJ. While my kids were only teens if you added their ages together, they REALLY enjoyed the Popplefest. My 5 year old has literally been asking since June when it was going to be Popple Day. While trying to explain binary to the 3 kids on the way home was a bit daunting, the rest of the evening exceeded our most Popply expectations. Really, for my girls, the only thing that would made it more spectacular would have been pizza falling from the sky…(something to consider?)–they were THAT happy to be there.
So thanks, and we pray that God bless your ongoing ministry.