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Kyle’s Ukuleles

Last updated: December 18th, 2013

Many people have been asking for recommendations on what ukulele to get. Here is what I have and I love every one of them.



Kala Tenor Cutaway KA-ASMTE-C

This is my first real ukulele. The mahogany looks and sounds amazing. I was living in California and went to a ukulele store and tried every ukulele and this was my favorite. I still prefer it, just because of how many hours I have played it. So many cities, stages, and recordings. It has been a great ukulele. I just recorded “Fanny Pack” with it, and then changed the strings to a low-g set. At first I didn’t like it, but as the strings settle, I am really growing to love it all over again.

Electronics: It came with the shadow pickup



Kala Tenor Archtop KA-JTE/2TS

This plays very similarly to how the tenor (above) used to play before I changed the strings. This became my road uke, mostly because I had a strap pin put in so I can use a strap. I never used a strap before I got this uke, and now I can’t imagine jumping around on stage without one. This sounds great plugged in and get’s lots of attention from its unique look.

Electronics: It came with the shadow pickup



Kala Soprano KA-15S*

I got this because I was looking for a less expensive ukulele to recommend to beginners, and I love the sound of a soprano. It just has a smaller sound. Like a tenor is a really cute toddler that can talk well and has such a fun voice, and the soprano is like a baby that might not be able to talk as well, but makes up for it in cuteness and the coos. The electronics in this make it hold up great on stage.

Electronics: *I had the MiSi pickup system installed in this. So the electronics are worth more than the ukulele.


banjo uke

Kala Concert Banjo Ukulele KA-BNJ-BK-C

The banjo-uke goes back to the 1920s and has such an old-timey sound and look that is so nostalgic. I had been looking at 100-year-old banjo-ukes on ebay and never pulled the trigger because I didn’t just want something to hang on the wall. This one plays great, stays in tune, and has such a unique sound.

No Electronics…. yet


Is it a ukulele?



Kala Guitarlele or Utar KA-UTAR*

They don’t make this anymore but it is a blast. It is like a classical guitar, with a capo on the 5th fret (because of the short scale), and a tenor ukulele body. The body is the exact same size as my tenor uke without the cutaway. It inspires me creatively because it sounds so different and plays differently. It is great for small hands learning guitar. My toddlers already love to play it.

Electronics: *I had the MiSi pickup system installed in this.



Kala Bass or Ubass KA-UBASSFS

This thing will blow your mind. There are lots of bass players using this now, most notably, Bakithi Kumalo, bassist for Paul Simon. It is a solid mahogany baritone ukulele body, with these fat polyurethane strings. It is the same notes and octave as a regular 4-string bass, but in a tiny package.

Electronics: not sure what the electronics are, but that is what makes this awesome!


So, obviously, I like Kala. Ever since I bought my first tenor from them, I have been impressed. Their customer service has been great.  I have become a “Kala Ukulele Artist” and visited their headquarters in California. They don’t pay me to say this, or require it as part of any deal, but I can honestly say that they have the best quality to price ratio of any ukulele company.

I hope this helps. I would recommend any of the ukes I mentioned above, but am hesitant to recommend anything I haven’t played.

If you are just starting out, I think a soprano like the KA-15S or KA-15 are great instruments. But, I do really like the tenor size. As a guitar player turned ukulele player, it really is amazing how nice of a ukulele you can get for the price of a junky guitar.


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